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8 thousand children are lost annually due to preventable injuries.


Let's be proactive in providing a safe environment for our children. Get some great tips here on how to make your home safer.

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Every year nearly 9 million children are treated for preventable injuries in the Emergency Department. These often serious injuries can affect them for a lifetime.


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Safety Starts At Home

Our mission is to help provide families with safe environments so their children can

have the chance to grow up and be whatever their little hearts desire.


We use the highest quality products.


With so many options in baby proofing there are many things to consider. We've done the work for you.


As experts in making homes safer for little ones, we stay up to date on the latest products, the quality of these products and any new information about them including consumer reviews, recalls and more.


If you have any questions about baby or child proofing products, we would love to help answer them. Please contact us here.


Expert installation and aesthetically pleasing solutions, customized for you.


We install many child safety products from Plexiglass for banisters and decks, to cabinet latches and stair gates, customized just for you.


In home safety consultations at your convenience.


During our in home safety consultations we will share and recommend our "tailormade" ideas to especially hazardous areas and challenging safety needs.



We take the exact measurements during the consultation, schedule a time for the installation, and provide an "almost invisible", yet child safe solution!



We are minimalists.

Many products out there are of such poor quality that you waste a lot of money, or they are just simply useless. Often baby proofing can be done by simply rearranging a piece of furniture or putting a small eyehook on a door.

You live there too.

We don’t believe in filling your home with a ton of products or putting bumpers and soft pads on every little edge. During our consultation we seek critical areas in the home with potential for greater harm than just a tiny bump or scratch.


Our philosophy emphasizes aesthetics in your home while maintaining a safe environment for your children.


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