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Coronavirus Safety and Your Kids

Coronavirus fear has gripped the world, and parents may be especially concerned about protecting their children from this illness. While the concern is understandable, children tend to be less susceptible to the virus than their elders. Still, they can easily transmit the virus to their parents or grandparents, so common sense actions are necessary.

CDC Recommendations

The CDC has issued tips for coronavirus health safety children need. They recommend the following steps:

Have them wash their hands often for 20 seconds or more, using soap and water. If you can't get to a sink, use hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

Keep them away from sick people, including family members.

Frequently disinfect surfaces such as doorknobs, sink tops, light switches, television remotes, etc.

Keep clothes and plush toys laundered in the warmest water recommended by the manufacturer.

Social Distance

Many schools are closing across the nation and more will follow. That doesn't mean that your children can never leave home, but you will want to closely monitor their contact with other children and adults and keep their playgroups small. Avoid any place where they will be in close contact with others.

Most large-group activities have been canceled on the state and local level, and even the Disney facilities have closed temporarily. Although your children may become bored if their schools close, do not take them to skating rinks, arcades, or other communal play areas.

If your child becomes ill, keep them at home and away from other family members until you are certain they don't have the virus.

Children can become seriously ill from Covid-19, but in general, the virus is less severe in young people. The biggest danger is that your child will contract the virus and pass it along to others, particularly their elderly relatives.



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