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Preventing Frostbite & Hypothermia

When the weather turns cold, you'll want to prepare to protect your children from both frostbite and hypothermia. Unfortunately, children are particularly susceptible to these two conditions.

Unlike adults, children tend to lose heat from their skin very fast. In cases where children are playing outside in cold weather, they may even ignore the cold symptoms just to keep playing and having fun outdoors. Below are some tips to consider in order to protect your babies from the cold.

Give Your Child Fluids and Warm Drinks

One way to safeguard against your child getting hypothermia or frostbite is to ensure they drink plenty of fluids. Give your child warm drinks often thtoughout their outside time as it will enhance their ability to resist cold conditions and all the dangers that come with frosty weather.

Dress Them in the Right Clothes

One of the most important factors you need to address is to ensure your children wear appropriate clothing. While they may insist on dressing themselves, this should be a time when you stand firm on your choice of clothing for them. 30% of heat loss happens through their heads, so a warm hat is necessary. Gloves prevent frozen fingers from packing snowballs and a scarf helps protect their neck and chest where cold and snow can creep in.

Keeping your home temperature between 61 and 68 degrees helps them keep warm while they are inside as well.

Keep Your Kids Active

Apart from keeping your kids warm and having the right temperature in your home, you should keep the children active. However, you should keep an eye on them while they play and get them out of wet clothes immediately.

Finally, you should give your children a balanced and nutritious diet all the time. This ensures that they have both the health and the strength to fight off cold conditions.


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