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Vaping and Your Children, Is It Safe?

Vaping, while hailed as a safe alternative to smoking upon it's introduction to the marketplace has proven to be dangerous for adults and most certainly children. Concentrated liquid is sold at smoke shops across the nation. That concentrated liquid, filled with nicotine, can kill a child with only a few drops.

Manufacturers and distributors are aware that the concentrated liquid is dangerous. Therefore, packaging is created that is considered "child proof," but that is not a guarantee. Users, and parents, must take additional precautions to ensure the liquid is stored out of the reach of children. Keeping all vape equipment out of sight and out of reaching distance is an important safety measure that all households should apply.

Because vape liquid comes in flavors that sound like candy store selections it's vital that children do not have access. Children are naturally drawn to things that they are told to avoid. Curiosity is a key aspect of childhood and parents know the importance of ensuring a child's curiosity does not lead to injury or death.

Vaping liquid has been the cause of death in several young children since it's release. And, our legislative bodies are working to outlaw aspects of the vaping liquid industry by drafting laws that eliminate the sale of flavors considered enticing to children. The reality is that it comes down to parent and user responsibility. It is up to parents to ensure their children do not have access to dangerous substances like vaping liquid.

If you believe your child has been exposed to vaping liquids contact your local poison control or take your child for medical attention. There are several symptoms of nicotine liquid poisoning. They include:

  • difficulties breathing

  • rapid heart rate

  • vomiting

  • one key visible symptom is the jitters or shakes.

Due to the nature of this young product on the market little is known about it's long term effects. However, the CDC, Center for Disease Control, is investigating a large number of illnesses and deaths believed to be associated with liquid nicotine used for vaping.


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