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Terms & Conditions

Baby/Child Proofing Intake Form*
We're so happy that you've selected SafetyNook baby Proofing. Filling out this info form will help us to prepare for your appointment. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us at:


The products & services offered by SafetyNook baby Proofing are intended to reduce the hazards in your home that are reasonable and foreseeable, and aid in decreasing the likelihood of injury. However, our products are not a substitute for adult supervision! Therefore, by using our products & services you agree by SafetyNook baby Proofing will not be liable for any damages or personal injuries due to the lack of proper adult supervision, misuse of any product, failure to verify proper functioning of any product (wear & tear, hose parts, etc.) and information or lack of information provided, and others.

SafetyNook Baby Proofing will install and secure all baby protection items to the manufacture's instructions, size, & measurements. SafetyNook Baby Proofing will warranty our gates up to 6 months and most other products up to three months. The warranty covers breakage due to manufacture's defect, or installation defect. SafetyNook Baby Proofing will not warranty any items that have been forcefully pulled on, torn, cracked, or any other unrelated items dropped on it to prevent it from preforming its original purpose.

SafetyNook Baby Proofing cannot and will not guarantee that any child will not learn how to operate, get into, or tear apart any home protection product installed bySafetyNook Baby Proofing. This agreement is a LEGAL and BINDING DOCUMENT that will stand up in court of law, and protect SafetyNook Baby Proofing from any wrongdoing. 

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