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SafetyNook in San Francisco and the Bay Area is the number one company in helping local parents provide a safe environment for their babies and children at home.

My name is Alex Lund, I came from Denmark and moved to San Francisco Bay Area in 2004. Here I met my lovely wife Carrie. Kailie joined us in the summer of 2009 and Klaus came in the late fall of 2012.


My first few years in Alameda were spent in a custom blacksmith shop and babysitting for local families. In Denmark, most of my careers involved with working with children in everything from childcare to working with teens.


I came into the baby proofing business through my mentor Lars Bergholdt and his former company Cradlerock. Under his guidance, I learned the importance of baby safety in the home and how it can be accomplished with the most pleasing results for happy families.


We merged Cradlerock into SafetyNook in 2011 and continue to provide safer homes for Bay Area parents and their children.

Mark Altman with the Childproofer joined SafetyNook in 2016.

About Us




It’s important to have high quality products that remain strong against toddlers but are still convenient for adults to use and aren’t too intrusive. We are experts in baby and child proofing in a way that works for adults too.


We stand behind our work and provide each and every client with exceptional service. Call us crazy but we love to leave a home confident we did everything we could to provide a safer place for children.



We offer competitive pricing and are known to provide high quality products and service that is essentially priceless.


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