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5 Great Ways to Host Playdates Safely

If you have young children, it is safe to assume that you will invite other kids in the area occasionally. Most children are playful, outgoing and adventurous. You cannot suppress their natural exuberance but you can manage it by setting boundaries and enforcing limits. Below are some tips to ensure that young children are safe when they visit your home.

Impose limits

You cannot expect children to know what the limits are if you do not specify the limits for them. Your guests may want to spend the whole day running all over the place but you should not let them do this. Impose boundaries and tell them where they should stay and where they should not go. For instance, if you are hosting the kids in your children's playroom, they should stay there. Shut the doors leading to other rooms so that the children will not have access to those places.

Child-proof play areas

Child-proofing the play area is an important part of toddler safety. Before the guests arrive, take a careful look at the areas where the kids will be playing. Put away sharp objects and dangerous appliances. If there are drawers and cabinets in the children's room, lock them so that your guests do not go playing hide and seek in them. If you are hosting the children outdoors, lock up the garage and ensure that the gate is locked as well. Get rid of tree branches, seeds and leaves in the area. Turn off the tap and get rid of buckets or bowls of water in your yard.

Ensure they eat right

Some children do not mind eating while standing or running around the house. Clearly, you cannot let this happen because the kids may choke on their food. An important part of baby safety and toddler safety is to supervise them while they are eating. Serve safe food and make sure the food is cut into small and easy-to-swallow particles for the children. Keep an eye on the kids and do not let them pick food off the ground. In addition, make sure each child has enough food so that they will not fight over the food.

Give them safe toys

Kids love to play because it part of their character. Since you cannot stop them from playing, it makes sense to give them safe and baby-friendly toys. Put away toy guns, high-powered water pistols, toy bows and arrows. You should also avoid latex balloons and go for Mylar (foil) balloons instead because these ones are safer for children.

Supervise and supervise

One of the best baby safety tips is effective supervision. Watch the kids closely and keep track of what they are doing. Enforce safety standards in your home and the children will be safe.

Final word

Having kids over can be quite challenging but it is wrong to assume that children are naturally difficult. Remember that you were once a child some years back. Supervise your little guests and they will return to their parents safe and sound.

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