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Cleaning | Pregnancy Do's and Don'ts

Many things change in a woman's world when she's getting ready for baby. One of those things is cleaning while pregnant. Some things are safe to do and some are not. Before you go digging out the dustpan or plugging in the vacuum cleaner, know what things you can do and what you shouldn't.

Cleaning while pregnant takes on a whole new meaning. Now when you see the words 'poison, corrosive, danger, or toxic' you take it far more serious. Reading labels becomes a 'must-do' with a whole new sense of urgency.

DO Open Windows While Cleaning

One thing you can do to decrease the risks it to keep your windows open while you're cleaning. Always make sure the rooms you work in are properly ventilated. This improves indoor air quality and helps to remove and toxic vapors effectively. Try running the exhaust fan you have in the bathroom when you're in there tidying up.

DO Wear Gloves

Wearing gloves while you're pregnant is an excellent idea. At this time of your life you'll find that your skin is going to be a lot more sensitive than it used to be. Some products that you had no problems with before will now irritate your skin. Things like bleach, fragrances, dyes, chlorine, and detergents may be too harsh for you to use unless you're wearing gloves. Wearing a pair of latex gloves while you're pregnant and cleaning just makes good common sense.

DO NOT Mess with Mold

When you're pregnant you should avoid mold altogether. We have not scientific studies specifically showing that pregnant women exposed to mold are in any danger, however, we do know that mold produces toxic substances that are definitely linked to birth defects when tested on animals. Why risk it?

If you spot a mold problem find someone else to help with the cleanup. Have them mix up some bleach and water and scrub down the ceramic, plastic, tiles, or glass where the mold appears. If that mold has managed to spread out into more porous materials like drywall, or ceiling tiles, then it may be a good idea to simply discard them altogether. Dealing with mold while pregnant can be serious.

DO NOT Wear Your Shoes Inside The House

Believe it or not an amazing 85% all off dirt that comes into the home comes in on the bottom of shoes. Along with it also comes thousands of varieties of bacteria as well. However, if you'll take the time to remove your shoes at the door and have everyone else do the same, you can keep a lot of filth and toxins from coming into your home.

When you're pregnant the term 'cleanliness is next to Godliness' really takes root. Another good idea, if you want shoes while you're in the house too, is just to keep the pair you want for inside just inside your door so you can change.

DO NOT Be Moving Furniture Around

When you weren't pregnant you could probably toss furniture around at will with one hand, while running the vacuum with the other. However, those super-powers need to be laid to rest once you're pregnant. Your balance changes during these times and you're at a higher risk for falling and straining muscles, tendons, ligaments, and more.

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