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28 Local Activities, Outings & Venues for Your Littles That You Will Absolutely Love

So we love to share. It's fun. It's helpful and everyone wins. That said, we have made friends with littlelane. They are dedicated to all things baby and kids but more specifically they are focused on kid friendly in SF and Marin. We are only sharing three things below but you can expect more. Enjoy!

Looking for fun ways to get out in the city with your kids without breaking the bank? Here are some of our favorite family outings in San Francisco, and they’re all free! More

Got a train lover in your house? Here are three fun outings that will delight your little train lover, but also offer activities for the adults in your household (beach? wine tasting? yes please!). All of these can be done as day trips or as overnights from San Francisco and Marin. Kid friendly hotel recommendations included. All aboard! More

20 Awesome Birthday Party Venues in Marin Time to start planning your little one’s next birthday bash? We are lucky to have many wonderful party venues in Marin, ranging from art to gymnastics to dance to pony rides. They range from full service (just show up!) to bring in everything yourself (which is great if you want to customize your party and/or save money). If your child was born in one of the warmer months, having the party at a playground is also a fun and economical option. More

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