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Teach Your Baby How to Crawl "Part 1"

Getting your baby to crawl is one of the most exciting experiences you will ever have. The first thing you will want to do is make sure that you let the baby get some "tummy time". Just lie the baby down, and then lie next to the baby and smile. Your smile lets your little one know that it is play time. Your baby will develop motor skills, control of the head and neck and arms muscles by flip-flopping around on the belly. That will accelerate the crawling learning curve.

Your child will most likely gain some neck strength at about four months. Then he or will be able to support the head and lift it up for a while. You should take advantage of such times by adding some toys to the mix and continuing to do a lot of smiling. Get down on the child's level so that he or she feels comfortable.

It is best for you to put on his or her back when it is time to rest, however. That way, you decrease the chances of injuries, crankiness and suffocation.

Ensure that tummy time is a pleasurable experience for your baby. Make sure that the baby is wide awake and in a positive mood.

The key to expediting your baby's walking or crawling is to cut down on the time that you allow him or her to spend in high chairs, walkers and car seats. Walkers are the biggest concern because they provide too much of a crutch.

Babies, just like adults, will not want to do things on their own if they always have a crutch to fall back on. Try to put the baby on his stomach as much as possible when you are spending quality time with him.

Frequent tummy time will train your baby and strengthen his back. You can help him to strengthen his back, as well. What you can do is sit him up and brace him with your hands while he sits. Make sure he is stable, and let loose just a little bit. Loosen the support a bit more each time, and then see where he is at in a few weeks.

One day, you will find him sitting up by himself, and you will be the happiest parent alive. First crawling moments and walking moments are the most beautiful moments of all your child's precious life.

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