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Safety: 7 Safety Park and Playground Tips

The park and playground can be a fun place for kids but often times mishaps happen when it comes to safety. Read these tips to make your trip a safe one!

Wear appropriate shoes

This means no open-toed shoes.

Avoid the sand areas

You are never certain what types of bacteria or other things that may be in the sand.

While at the playground do not let your children go barefoot, as they could get burned or sometimes cut from various objects hidden.

Watch out for hot surfaces

There are many surfaces at the park such as metal including picnic tables, swings and monkey bars. Bring towels to put down on the surfaces to avoid exposure to your child's skin.

Wear sunscreen and apply it at home.

A child who has been exposed to excessive heat at the park or who gets sunburned, can suffer from dehydration or sunstroke, and could also fall and injure themselves because of related dizziness.

Know your child's limits.

Sometimes children will want to follow each other but every child's ability's are not the same. For example your 12 year old might not have a problem going on monkey bars but your 4 year old will. Direct your children to places on the playground where they will not face the risk of misjudgment on certain equipment.

Dress properly

At the park kids should be dressed in t-shirts and shorts that are properly fitted and comfortable.

Do a safety check

Check all the things that your kids plan to play on at the playground, before allowing them to play. Also look out for any loose bolts, broken or jagged pieces or anything else that may harm them.

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