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When Babies Start Moving - The Crawling Stage

It is only a matter of time before your little bundle of joy is ready to crawl. This normally happens when the baby is seven to ten months old, though some start a little earlier. Eager babies may skip the entire stage, and some babies decide to roll or slither instead of crawl.

When Babies Start Moving - The Crawling Stage

When Babies Start Moving - The Crawling Stage

Babies learn to crawl naturally, so you do not have to teach them much, but you can nudge them a bit with the following tips:

-Think about letting your baby spend some quality time on his or her stomach. This helps the baby develop strength as it forces your baby to control his or her body. Of course, it is important that you stay with your baby during tummy time because your baby is likely not strong enough to keep him or herself up just yet. Lay with your toddler if your baby cries to make sure he or she can see you.

-Wrap up your baby because wraps or slings help strengthen your toddler's neck muscles. Slings and wraps force your baby to use his or her neck muscles to observe everything around. Neck muscles are vital when your baby begins to crawl.

-Tummy time could be all about muscle building, or it could be a time for your baby to have fun. Find a good play mat and some entertaining toys that your baby can use during this time. Try dangling toys to get your baby to look up.

-Toys can be great motivators that should get your toddler to move. Putting toys out of your child's reach may encourage him or her to grab the toy one way or another.

-Limit car seats, prams, or bouncers to ensure that your baby has enough time to move and exercise his or her muscles.

When Babies Start Moving - The Crawling Stage

-Use play tunnels or tents to encourage your baby to get on all fours. These are fun playtime tools that are safe and will encourage movement.

-Do not compare your baby's development to others because you are going to unnecessarily stress yourself out. Your baby will crawl when the time is right.

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