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Do You Know How To Baby Proof Your Home and Playing Environment?

Your child's safety is top priority for any parent. SafetyNook was created to provide families with quality baby proofing services. SafetyNook has made it their mission to create safe environments that allow infants and toddlers to grow, explore, and learn safely.

SafetyNook services will save you:

  • Time - Trips to the store and exploring the Internet looking for the best safety products.

  • Money - Purchasing baby gates at a store, shipping/returning fees, and ineffective baby proofing products.

  • Frustration - Hard to use safety products, products that are not applicable for your home, and improper installation.

  • Costly damage to your property - Proper installation of safety products and no-holes banister kits will be applied.

SafetyNook only offers top-notch, baby safety products and has years of professional experience.

Professional installation services offered by SafetyNook include the following:

  • Custom safety gates for infants and children; that are made for hallways, up and down stairs, and playing areas.

  • Durable child proof cabinets that are easy to use, including latches and drawer locks cannot be found on the market.

  • Safety harnesses for your furniture, dressers, bookshelves, changing tables, televsions, and other heavy appliances.

  • Self-closing electrical outlet plugs, circuits, power strip safety plugs, carbon monoxide (CO) and smoke detectors.

  • Specialized locks made for your doors and windows. Window guards can also be installed.

  • Safety products for your bathroom such as spout cushions and shower locks.

  • Specially made plexiglass for outside decks, stair banisters, and balconies.

  • Grab bars can be applied in hallways, bath tubs, showers, and bathrooms.

  • Childproofing services that are adjusted to your needs and requests.

You can find everything that you will need to safely baby proof your home at SafetyNook. Our trained consultants specialize in child safety, and will recommend first-rate safety products, offer in-home consultations, and provide you with same-day installation. SafetyNook will provide you with the best solutions for your child's safety. We will give you the perfect security plan that suits your family's individual needs.

Professional efficiency, guaranteed customer satisfaction, top quality baby proofing products, and customer service are offered at Safetynook.

Over 11,000 homes have been baby proofed by SafetyNook to date. SafetyNook provides child proofing services throughout Canada, Saudi Arabia, the United States, and England. SafetyNook continues to expand it's services further to assist families in making a child safe environment. Child proof your home today by booking an appointment.

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