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Holiday Safety Tips for Kids

Here we go! The holiday season is full of fun and frenzied shopping, travel and family. While the season evokes memories of yesteryear and warm fuzzy feelings, here's a few tips to make sure your celebration isn't marred by an avoidable accident.

With children, you always assess your home environment to make sure it's safe for the littles. Let this time period be no different. Not all decorations are made with the safety of little kids in mind.

1. Flame-resistant decor is a must

Whether your tree was just cut down or you've had it in the attic for years, making sure it's flame-resistant is a number one priority. Take a look at your artificial tree - is it flame-resistant? If your tree is real, it must be well-watered so that it doesn't dry out and potentially cause a fire. Use decorations that are flame-retardant as well. Read the labels, don't assume that they are.

2. Potentially Threatening Candles

We love those holiday candles with wonderful hints of pine, cranberries and sugar cookies! Enjoy them by keeping they up and out of reach of curious little hands or excited pets with swishing tails. Pay attention to where the candles are placed - are they on a dining room table runner where they can be yanked off? Are they near wreaths, wrapping paper or other flammable items? When at all possible use holders that are glass and make sure they are non-flammable. Scented plug-ins and flame less candles are great alternatives that offer the same scents and looks as real candles. Also remember, children wandering need to be safe distance from fireplaces. Use of a screen is a must.

3. Breakables

Keep glass figurines or other breakable decor off of coffee tables or other short furniture to avoid risking cuts and other injuries. Glass ornaments, hooks or other tree decorations are a potential hazard, so a baby gate around your tree is highly recommended.

4. Seasonal Plants

Poinsettias are beautiful, often used plants during the holiday season, but did you know they can cause diarrhea, nausea, and tingling or burning of the mouth if eaten? The same goes for holly and mistletoe. It's best to keep them out of reach and explain that eating any berries associated with these plants is a huge no-no.

5. Choking hazards

That gorgeous nativity scene is a must, but be conscious of little figurines or decorative snow. Both can be hazardous for choking and other decorative touches can irritate the skin, including artificial snow you spray on glass or the tree. Potpourri, ribbons, hard candies and nuts are all things that should be kept far away from curious hands.

We wish you a safe and happy holiday season!

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