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Keep Your Kids Safe While Sleeping

For many parents, it can be nerve-racking to have a child move to their own bed. While it allows the child to move on to the next stage in development, there are a lot of hazards during sleep. To keep those children as safe as possible, here are some devices to take into consideration

Bed Rails

Most children between the ages of two and five are somewhat vulnerable to falling out of bed without really realizing it. Since they are younger, this fall can be a pretty dangerous one. Bed rails can help with this. When purchasing bed rails, they need to be the right size for the child and they also need to properly fit the bed.

Attaching rails to the side of the mattress is going to be the strongest method, keeping kids from possibly rolling over and causing harm at night. They can also attach to the top of the mattress for younger children to avoid getting caught in-between the bed and the rails.

Sleep Positioners

Like the name implies, these cushions keep kids sleeping in the right position, avoiding any complications during the night. An older child might be a little less likely to fully embrace it, but they provide value.

Younger kids can really benefit from this, as it is another way to avoid accidental suffocation. Rolling over at night is something that can cause a lot of issues for kids if they are not used to that freedom. A quality childproofer device like this might be just what is needed.


As a child ages, some parents might desire to not use cameras, but not necessarily when they make the transition to a larger bed. This is another way to just keep an eye on things and make sure that they're not developing any poor habits.

Cameras still alert parents to possible hazards they may not have considered previously. If you still feel the need to use a camera after others might have put it away, go with your gut feeling.

SafetyNook provides services, guidance and childproofing devices for your home. They provide solutions that not only keep your children safe, but blend in with your decor.

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