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Appropriate Summer Safety for Children

Children are typically disadvantaged because they are unaware of the right techniques to protect themselves. Therefore, as an adult, you are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of your children and also teaching them the right safety skills. During summer, most kids are away from school and may engage in mischievous activities that may expose them to harm. In retrospect, you must, therefore, remain vigilant as a parent to avoid any mishaps. Here are some of the best tips for summer safety for children:

1. Water safety The sweltering heat in summer makes swimming a favorite pastime. Public schools, the beach, lakes and backyard pools are great places for swimming during summer. Therefore, you need to ensure that your children are familiar with such spots. Firstly, ensure that kids are not left unsupervised when in pools, within shallow or deep water. Most importantly, it's vital that you learn CPR. The knowledge will be essential in giving first aid in case of injuries.

2. Barbeque Safety Grilled meat is delicious and often attracts many people to the barbeque area. As a precautionary measure, ensure that all children are kept away from the barbeque area. Children are more likely to suffer burns from unattended grills. Likewise, keep all lighters and matches away from children. Assist them in making S'Mores.

3. Cuts and Scrapes Safety Most scrapes and cuts are minor and can easily be treated at home. In the case of cuts, you can use the tips below for primary care: • Exert pressure on the bleeding area for at least 10 minutes using a disinfected tissue or cloth. • If bleeding stops after ten minutes, rinse with water. • Apply an antibiotic such as Neosporin and cover the injured area with a clean bandage.

If the bleeding doesn't stop, consider urgent care.

4. Play Area Safety Children engage in various fun activities as they play with their friends and family. Such may include merry-go-rounds, biking and swings. Therefore, ensure that such playground surfaces are sturdy and thick enough to protect kids in case they fall. Above all, make it your responsibility to supervise kids as they play at all times.

The Bottom Line You play a vital role in keeping your child safe regardless of his/her age. The above tips will come in handy in ensuring your kid's safety, especially in summer.

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