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Holiday Shopping with Toddlers

Tis the Season! Before the end of the week, you could find yourself in the midst of holiday shopping. In the era of online shopping, nothing beats actually seeing and feeling the gift for yourself - before you buy it.

While the children are out of school for the holiday, sometimes finding a sitter isn't as easy as it could be. Therefore, with the littles in tow, off you go to fight the crowds and get the deals of the year. Unfortunately, with the increased crowds and flurry of activity, child predators find this time of year easier to strike. Here are some tips to help keep your child safe.

Supervision is a Must

It's very easy to get distracted, but it's imperative you are aware of your, and your child's surroundings. Don't let your child use the restroom alone. Family Restrooms are your best bet for an easy in and out, but may not be feasible with the long lines.


It's a possibility that your child could become separated from you during your shopping trip. Teaching your child what to do in this situation can make a scary situation much easier to remedy if they are taught not to panic and to take the right steps to ensure their way back to you. They should be able to identify police or security officers, or store employees. They need to know that they should stay put in the area where they first realized they were lost and to never leave the store - or the mall to look for you.

Practice this prior to holiday shopping to ensure the child gets it down. Be sure they are aware of areas where they can find help.


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