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Holiday Decoration Safety

Holiday decorations are meant for all to enjoy, but making them safe for toddlers and babies is a number one priority for the season of wonder and magic. Take these tips into consideration when trimming your home for the holidays.

Christmas Tree

On average, 200 home fires start as a result of Christmas trees every year. Begin your safety tour here. Should you choose a real tree, it's imperative that you keep the stand full of water and check to make sure the tree is pulling water into the trunk. A dry tree is the match to a full on fire from contact with lit strings of light.

For faux trees, be sure to check the label and that it indicates that the tree is fire-resistant. Trees that have built-in electrical systems should also bear the label of an independent testing laboratory that is approved to perform safety testing.

Anchor both faux and real trees to a wall if need be, to keep it from falling.

Many Christmas tree decorations come with a shatter resistant label, indicating that they are typically safe if dropping from the tree onto the hard surface. These ornaments are more resilient against abuse during the holiday season. Small pieces and garland are choking hazards that should be avoided at all costs. Another option is to cordon off your tree with a railing to keep babies and pets from touching it. SafetyNook offers an assortment of products such as this, to protect your home, while blending in with your decor.

Other Holiday Decor

Check your strings of lights to make sure there are no missing bulbs, broken bulbs, or bare wires. Read labels in regards to types of lighting that can be plugged together and how many can be attached to one another at a time. Move extensions cords out of the way to avoid tripping. Do not run them under rugs.

Use a timer, or turn off your holiday lighting when going to bed or leaving the house.

When possible, use flameless candles and protect real candles from little hands and wagging tails by placing them on higher surfaces and out of the way of traffic and temptation.

Have a screen in front of your fireplace and be aware of mantle decorations and their proximity to flames. Have your chimney and fireplace inspected yearly by a licensed professional and cleaned if required. Ensure the fire is completely out before retiring for the evening. Never leave a fire unattended.

Wrapping paper, ribbons and bags are all choking and suffocation hazards. Ensure they are stowed away up and out of reach when not in use. Once the gift is opened, discard the wrapping paper immediately.

Batteries should always be stowed out of reach of all children.

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