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Celebrate New Year's Safely

It's that time of the year! 2020 is almost upon us and begins a whole new decade! Kids get excited about this holiday like any other and like to celebrate like the rest of us adults. Making your New Year's celebration kid-friendly is a breeze! Try some of these tips:

Celebrate Another Country's New Year

In recent years, many parents have popularized celebrating New Year's Eve from different countries so their little ones can go to bed earlier than midnight. Pick a country who's New Year coincides with an appropriate bedtime and the kids get to participate in all the festivities. Set your clocks for the revised countdown and celebrate with sampling foods from the region and decorate as they would.

Home Videos

Watch personal videos filmed since your children were born. Reflect on the past year and remember some of the great moments. Kids will love seeing their younger selves on the screen!

Try Something New

Are you an adventurous eater? How about your kids? Try a new meal idea - perhaps a fondue of sorts. There's nothing kids love more than dipping their foods! Having chocolate for dessert pairs well with a glass of champagne for the adults as well.

Invite Another Family Over

If you're friends with your child's friend's parents, invite them over for the celebration! Kids running around will tire quickly and not feel left out of the holiday event. Having a buddy to countdown with is always more fun. Watch movies, play games and snack on your favorite foods.

Family Slumber Party

Make a couch fort and watch movies or your favorite family shows from the comfort of your living room! Roll out the sleeping bags and make it a fun and cuddly event. Netflix offers subscribers the option to countdown to the new year with characters from some of their programming. Check your Netflix account for details.

Join Festivities Earlier in the Day

Many museums offer events held earlier on New Year's Eve just for those little ones that aren't able to keep their lids open until midnight. Check in your area and surrounding regions for events.

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