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Benefits of Drawing

Not only does creating art allow for a child to express themselves, sometimes children will tell a story through their drawings. This simple and fun activity can add many benefits to your child's brain development through the years and allow them to express themselves more freely.

Skill Improvement

Drawing not only activates the creative section of the mind, but actually assists in the development of fine motor skills. In addition, psychomotor skills improve, stimulating more brain development.

Problem Solving Skills

Through drawing, your child develops problem solving skills by creating ways to communicate and express themselves through shapes and colors.


While some children can struggle with their communication development, drawing helps them find a way to express themselves and their moods. They may not be able to conjure the appropriate words for how they are feeling, but they can express them through the colors and shapes that they create. When your child becomes frustrated, offer them crayons and paper to express themselves instead of having a tantrum. This allows them to feel "heard."


As the child develops their skill, they will build confidence. Confidence will help them greatly throughout their developing years in school and in social activities.

Join In

A child always loves a buddy to interact with and be silly with when they are having fun drawing. Create scenes together and make up stories to tell about your artwork. Building a bond through art, will only have a positive impact in your child's world.


Drawing helps improve concentration. When they are allowed to draw, they can be distracted from annoying noises or unpleasant surroundings. Drawing creates a foundation on which abstract and logical thinking skills are born.


Drawing helps your child with their imagination. They can calm themselves through creating their own little fantasy world drawing on different parts of their developing brain to help them. This may offer them the feeling of control of some part of their lives.

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