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COVID Prevention & Your Kids

While studies have found that the risk of children dying or getting seriously ill from COVID-19 is extremely low, they are not immune to the disease. This means that they, too, can end up in hospital emergency departments, succumb to the novel coronovirus, or become super spreaders. For this reason, you should the necessary measures to protect your children from the coronavirus. Here are three easy ways to achieve that goal.

Maintain High Hygiene Standards

According to research, it is possible to fight coronavirus in your home by simply cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces. While at it, clean your children's toys and the household items that your children are likely to touch for one reason or another. Additionally, ensure you sanitize or wash your hands properly with soap and water before touching your children, and ensure your children do the same too regularly.

Talk to Them about COVID-19 Basics

Even at a young age, most kids can understand their surroundings and read emotions from adults. For instance, if there's panic or major changes at home, they will likely notice. This means that by teaching them about the COVID-19 basics, they can have a clue on how to protect themselves from the virus. For example, if you warn your 3-year-old son against touching his face or coming into close contact with others, he will understand and likely remember.

Limit Their Interactions with Others

Instead of letting your children roam in the neighborhood freely, you can limit their playtime or ensure they do not leave your yard. In case they have to play with other children, let it be outdoors. Moreover, if your kids are two years or older, they can wear masks for extra protection.


Use these three easy ways to keep babies and children safe from coronavirus. Importantly, if your baby starts showing symptoms of COVID-19, contact a qualified medical professional for advice.


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