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Crawling Part 1

Such an exciting moment in your baby's life! They're headed toward crawling! We've put together some tips on how to make the most out of your baby's new activity!


Start with "tummy time." Lay your baby on their stomach and encourage play time. This is the way they will start to develop control of their head and neck muscles. Having them on their stomach forces them to use these muscles to see their surroundings. Because they cannot easily look around the room as they could on their backs, they will start to use their arm muscles and their legs to push themselves around. Be sure to be on their level at this time so that you can encourage them and make them feel more comfortable. Be sure to give them rest by putting them back on their back in order not to strain any newly discovered muscles.

Develop New Time Constraints

Now that you are working to encourage your baby to crawl, limiting the time they spend in high chairs, swings, car seats or walkers. While it may not seem so, walkers provide a crutch for baby that you don't need them to rely on at this time.

Strengthen Muscles

Using tummy time will expedite the strengthening of the back, arm, neck and shoulder muscles. The more you use it, the better they become. Ensuring that baby is in a good mood during these times will help it become a pleasurable experience, albeit more difficult than lounging around in a swing or car seat.

Help your baby sit up during each session of tummy time and slowly, loosen your support on their back so they begin to use their muscles to keep themselves upright. If baby isn't getting it right away, don't be discouraged. We all have experience our learning periods differently. Through consistent work, baby will be crawling - then walking in no time!


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