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Crawling Part 2

Your baby is well on their way to crawling around your home and experiencing their first taste of independence. Here are some tips to keep baby encouraged and promoting safety!

  • Encourage your baby to reach for the item they want. Don't automatically give it to them, lay it just out of reach and let them crawl to it if possible.

  • Keep laying them on their stomach to further increase their muscle strength and control.

  • Let them play in front of a mirror. Lay them on their stomach in front of a mirror and watch how fascinated they are with their own movements.

  • Play tunnels are a great way to add interest. Place some toys inside the tunnel for extra encouragement.

  • As much as possible, keep your baby out of "supportive" devices (chairs, car seats, swings, etc.) This forces them to use their new little muscles and start strengthening them.

  • In addition to tummy time, place them on their sides to encourage different muscles to be used.

  • Keep baby safe! Ensure that all cords, sharp objects or objects they can pull on top of them are safely put up.

  • Designate a certain area where it is safe for them to crawl - free of potential hazards.

  • Watch as they will begin to use their hands to pull themselves up - this could be on your coffee table or a bookcase. Supervision is always a must.

  • Depending on the flooring in your home, ensure baby's knees, legs, toes, arms and hands aren't irritated or scraped.

Remember that every child is different. Some may start crawling slower than others, but don't be discouraged, keep encouraging them to reach for those stars!


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