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Driveway Safety

Many unprecedented accidents happen in the parking lots or driveways when drivers are unaware that children could be near the vehicles. More often than not, these drivers are family members or friends. However, these tragic incidents are preventable if every driver considers various researched prevention measures.

Hard Facts about kids playing with Cars

Research indicates that every year, more than 9,000 children find their way to the emergency rooms due to injuries inflicted by motor vehicles. Many of these injuries occur because the drivers are unaware of children being around the vehicle when the accidents happen. It is also important to note that most similar tragic accidents are preventable.

Tips for Enhancing Driveway Safety

To protect kids from such unprecedented incidents, you need to consider several measures. The first one is always to ensure that you check your car and driveway for kids before you start the car. Here are essential things to note when checking for children;

1. While there is nothing wrong with being in a hurry, it is crucial to take a few seconds to look around your parked car carefully to ensure that there are no children. It is worth it, especially if you have a toddler in your home.

2. When checking to ensure that there are no kids under your vehicle, you need to see if there are things that can attract children under the car. Things such as a pet, toy, or a bike can drive kids under or behind your vehicle.

3. Designate someone to supervise and find a safe place for children when vehicles around are about to move.

Limit Children Playing in the Driveway

It is also essential to make it clear to the children that the driveway/sidewalk is not a spot for children to play. Always ensure that;

1. You work with your children to pick toys or any of their play equipment that might find its way to the driveway.

2. Find a safe area for children to play away from the driveway. In addition, teach the children the dangers of playing around these areas.

3. If a child must play on the driveway, block it with cones to bar vehicles from accessing it.


Although some of these tips may seem simple, the truth is that they can help avert disasters associated with driveway accidents. Besides, it is a way of being cautious whenever driving around your driveway or even in the street.

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