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Fall Prevention

Many parents face the same nightmare - their child becoming involved in a dangerous and life threatening fall. This is part of the reason why child safety products are a must when child proofing your home. SafetyNook offers a variety of high quality, aesthetically pleasing products to ensure safety in your home.

Take a few minutes to review these tips to help prevent falls.


The screens in your window allow for air flow, without bugs and creatures having easy access. The screen will not prevent a fall and often is very simple to remove. Never leave a window open without adult supervision. When not in use, the window should be locked and secured.

Install guards for windows. In cases of windows on 2nd stories and above, include an emergency release for the guard, in case of fire. The window guards should be easy for adults to use and should allow the window to open no further than 4 inches. Some windows come with the option to open them from the top or the bottom. If you have these types of windows, open them from the top only. Once your child is old enough to crawl and climb, move furniture away from the windows that could be used to access the mechanics of the window.


Doorways leading to stairs and dangerous areas should be closed and locked at all times. These areas include basements, attics or storage areas in which poison or other chemicals are stored. Child proofing products are available for doorknobs which make it difficult for little hands to turn them. Locking the door adds extra security in these cases.

Gates are available to block off any area in your home. Use them at the top and bottom of stairways to prevent going up and tumbling down. Gates offer size options as well and can be used to put around fireplaces.

Other Items to Consider

Rugs should utilize skid-proof backings. If not available when you purchase the item, there are many options on the market to attach to the bottom of the rug.

When using a cart to grocery shop, ensure your child is safely strapped to the appropriate seat. Supervision is required at all times as some children can still slip out of the restraint to reach for their favorite item on shelves and fall out of the cart or tip it over. If there are carts available that are made for children (typically they look like a car attached to the cart) use those. Straps should be utilized for high chairs, carriers and strollers.

Although many playgrounds offer a softer landing under their equipment, it won't prevent injuries. Close supervision is necessary. Very young children should use swings that have straps or a safety seat.

Removing furniture with sharp edges helps prevent some injuries. Bumper pads are always available to cover sharp corners on furniture you do not want to remove. Remove chairs from areas near kitchen counters. The child could use the chair to climb up and onto kitchen counters to get into cabinets, touch a hot stove, or access other items.

Bathtubs should have skid-resistant decals or a mat in them to help prevent falls. Cleaning the tub often will help as well to prevent a slimy, slippery coating that invites accidental falls.

TVs and bookcases can easily tip. Secure bookcases to the wall and secure televisions to prevent tips. Teach your children that it is never appropriate to use shelves to climb.

In Case of Accidents

Should your child fall and begins to act abnormally, contact your doctor immediately. If the child had a serious fall, do not attempt to move them. Call emergency services and let the paramedics examine the child and decide how to move them.


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