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Fire arm safety

Firearm safety should be on the top of your list for baby proofing your home. Whether it be a hunting rifle, BB gun or a handgun, all of these weapons are dangerous, even when they aren't loaded. Here are some tips about firearm safety that you and your family should know.

First Steps

Firearms should never be left out unattended..

When a firearm is brought into your home, the first item on your to-do list should be to teach your child to never touch any gun or any part of the gun in your home or any other place.

Ammunition and the firearm should be stored separately and the firearm should not be loaded.


Guns and ammunition should be stored in an area that your children do not frequent and is inaccessible to them.

If a safety is available on your gun, ensure that it is engaged before storing the weapon. In addition, you can purchase gun locks that make it near impossible to fire.

Gun cases come in a variety of styles including ones with combination locks and fingerprint scanners. Children are curious and should you use a combination lock, use a code that isn't obvious to your children, such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Safes are even more secure, but not portable in most cases.

Any parts related to a gun, especially the cleaning solvents, should be stored in a locked area as well.


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