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Fireworks Safety

A long awaited tradition is right around the corner. How are you celebrating? If you're the do-it-yourself type, you may have an phenomenal fireworks display planned for your family and neighbors, or maybe you like to leave it to the professionals.

Depending on where you live, having the option to create your own fireworks show is thrilling, but safety should always be the top priority.

Every year over 10,000 injuries occur as a result of fireworks. On average, half of those injured were children and young adults. We want to make clear that there are no safe fireworks. They all come with a bit of danger. Not only can they cause bodily harm, but trees and structures in close proximity are in peril of being set on fire.

Here are some recommendations on keeping fireworks as safe as possible this holiday.

  • Children should never handle fireworks

  • Always use fireworks outdoors and away from flammable items

  • Persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol should not handle fireworks

  • Only light one firework at a time

  • When lighting a firework, wear protective eyewear and place it on flat ground

  • Fireworks should not be held or pointed at persons or objects

  • Keep a good supply of water nearby for emergencies

  • Back away after lighting the firework

  • Soak used fireworks in water prior to disposing of them

  • Sparklers can harm hands when held as well

When celebrating the holiday with little ones, let them in on the fun by using confetti or glow sticks to salute the celebration.


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