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Great Colors For The Nursery

Did you know that colors can influence you and your baby?

There can be so many questions to answer when you're putting together your baby's nursery. What decorations? What furniture? What color on the walls?

Researchers have discovered that colors influence a person's mood and can actually inspire different emotions. Why not put that research to use and choose a color based on what you'd like your nursery to feel like? We've gathered some information below to help you decide which colors you may like to use to stimulate your baby as they grow!

Yellow is a popular choice for new parents and goes with just about everything.

Yellow promotes emotional thinking and concentration. However, for a nursery, tone down the color a bit as it is welcoming, but if too bright can agitate your baby. A muted tone is best when using yellow.

Brown is a very natural color, making one think of the outdoors and the earth itself. It gives a sense of grounding. Best shades are lighter, try more neutral tones such as a khaki or tan.

Orange conveys a warm and cozy feeling. It's a friendly color and can inspire baby to start talking! Bright orange is a fun way to bring some fun to the area. Try using it in spots instead of an entire wall. It blends well with many other colors.

Red is an exciting and passionate color - there's a reason why it is used to attract attention. It's best used as an accent as it can promote agitation when used in large quantities.

Blue is a calming, cooling, easy-going color. Other words that can describe it are: healing and refreshing. While it increases productivity, it shouldn't be used around food. Have you ever heard that if you eat off of blue plates, you tend to eat less? It's good for a diet, but not so great for inspiring baby to finish her meal!

Green is also a natural color. It is also considered to be calming, but also nurturing. It's know to be serene and can make the room feel open and part of the world around it. Green promotes concentration more easily than some other colors.

Purple - now this is the color of royalty! Treat your prince or princess to a room that feels luxurious, regal and dignified! Lighter shades of purple are more serene and calming, but still maintain that rich feeling.

Gray might be a color you wouldn't necessarily think of for a nursery. It's held it's popularity for many years now, gracing the walls of many living rooms, kitchens and offices. Gray is intuitive, emotional and introspective. While this may be useful as your child grows older, it can also promote loneliness or sadness if used in excess. It's best paired with brighter colors.

Black falls in a similar category. While it's sleek and modern, too much can also promote sadness or a lonely feeling. Use it to paint doors or window frames for a modern look.

Pink feels feminine and romantic. It promotes feelings of love. This can be useful in promoting the calm after the storm - a child prone to tantrums or fits. Feel free to bathe the room in pink, as it's a truly magical color.

White - while it may seem boring, there are many shades of white and all feel clean and bright. While it may be the easiest color to choose, we recommend using other colors to invoke emotion. Not to mention, white can stain easily!

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