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helmet safety

As part of a child's life, falls and bumps to the head are inevitable as they learn to crawl, stand, walk, and explore. Therefore, children must wear proper safety gear, follow all the rules, and play safe. Helmets offer some vital form of protection to the head. However, they are never designed to be worn all the time.

Helmets Save Lives

No matter what activity or sport your child wants to participate in, the helmet you purchase should be reputable and made through a quality manufacturer. Helmets are crucial, and they can preserve life, as statistics show that 85% of kids who die in biking accidents each year, die due to head injuries. A total of 200 kids die every year from biking accidents. There are 290,000 total kids injured yearly, and close to 50% of these emergency room visits are due to brain trauma. If every child wears a helmet, the brain trauma could be reduced significantly.

The Importance Of Getting The Right Size

Bike helmet parts and safety mechanisms are relegated, but only if the helmet fits properly. Kids' helmets should fit appropriately to their current head size. A smaller helmet will be uncomfortable to wear and does not offer maximum protection, as there are similar problems for helmets that kids can "grow into." Prepare to change the size as your child grows, to continue safely protecting them.


Every parent must ensure the best for their kids in every situation, so take the time and plan for their safety. Children mimic what adults do; therefore, always wear your own helmet. Ensure your children understand the importance of wearing safety equipment as well.


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