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Highchair Safety

A number of children have suffered from head injuries, broken bones, concussions and mouth and neck injuries as a consequence of falling from a high chair. However, practicing child safety in high chairs does not only guard against falls. Ensuring the health and safety of your child in a high chair could also safeguard against burning, choking, pinching and cutting hazards. Below are some guidelines parents can use to keep a child safe:

Proper Assembly

Ensure that your high chair is correctly assembled. This will guarantee that the safety measures of the manufacturer are properly used. Ensure that the high chair is routinely checked to make sure all parts are still safe and functioning.

Correct Placement

The high chair should be placed away from other safety hazards such as candles, sharp objects and electrical outlets. Curiosity may cause your child to try to access anything within reach.

Stability in Placement

Ensure the high chair cannot be easily tipped over. The majority of high chairs are equipped with a locking mechanism; therefore, the mechanism should always be in place to ensure stability.

Safety Straps

Use all the safety straps and do not solely depend on the tray to secure seating. These straps will assist in preventing your child from standing up, slipping down or falling from the high chair.

Placed Away from the Table

The high chair should be placed at least 2 feet away from a counter or table. The chair may tip over if pushed against such surfaces.

Never Leave Children Unattended

Ensure your child is never left unattended in his or her high chair. Doing so increases the risk of the baby choking, falling or being otherwise harmed.

Proper Footrest Placement

Ensure the footrest is in the proper position; it provides the child with the proper posture and support. This assists the child in sitting appropriately while eating. In addition, doing this helps with preventing choking, encouraging good swallowing and helping to advance developmental skills.


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