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Importance Of Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Should you be concerned about carbon monoxide poisoning in your home?

Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas with no odor, color, or taste. Engines or appliances in poorly ventilated spaces, such as vehicles, gas stoves, and generators, generate this gas, which can be dangerous for your family and pets. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), data reflects an estimated 400 deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning annually. In addition, almost 50,000 persons require emergency medical assistance because of poisoning from this gas.


People may suffer from headaches, vomiting, nausea, weakness, or dizziness when they come in contact with carbon monoxide. One may easily misconstrue these symptoms as other ailments. Family members may be unwell, and one may not consider carbon monoxide poisoning as the cause. Unfortunately, children are more severely affected by this poisonous gas than adults because their bodies react more quickly to this toxic substance. Carbon monoxide impacts the health of anyone who inhales it.


Lengthy exposure to carbon monoxide damages your internal organs and could cause death. Recovery may include fresh air for mild cases and hospitalization for more severe poisoning. In some cases, patients suffer long-term ailments because of this exposure. Animals also suffer from the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning. Your pets cannot communicate their feelings, which makes them more vulnerable to this toxic substance. Pets exposed must be monitored closely, just like humans.


Since humans cannot detect carbon monoxide using their senses, homeowners should invest in equipment that monitors toxicity in the home. A carbon monoxide detector is a wise investment for property owners to ensure that anyone visiting the premises remains safe and healthy. This device alerts anyone on the premises of unsafe levels of this dangerous substance.

Your family's safety should always be at the forefront. Carbon monoxide poisoning could hurt your family and your pets. Therefore, invest in a carbon monoxide detector to prevent severe illness or death of your loved ones.


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