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Keeping Playdates Safe

Playdates are a common activity for children. Parents get together and enjoy each other's company while their children play together. When you are hosting such an event, it's important to keep some rules in mind to ensure that their time together is fun and safe.

Set Boundaries

Children need boundaries to help them understand the rules of society and what is and is not appropriate. Setting up these limits prior to a playdate will help keep the activity running smoothly (or as much as possible!)

Some rules you may want to consider are the areas of the house that are to be used for play and those that are off limits.

  • Close doors to rooms that are "off limits"

  • Designate a play area

  • Keep pets in a safe place

  • Ensure that gates to fences are locked if playing outside

  • Always supervise

  • Keep them out of the garage

Childproofing the Playdate Area

While you may have your entire house child proofed already, paying extra attention to the play area is a great idea for when children from other households come to visit.

  • Secure any cabinets or drawers they are not allowed in

  • Secure any sharp objects

  • Secure dangerous appliances

  • If outside, eliminate fallen tree branches, or gardening tools

  • Turn off the water and remove any standing water (in buckets, etc) that won't be used as part of play

Snack Time

Little ones will get hungry after chasing each other and playing. Offer a designated snack time so that they are able to sit and enjoy their food. Allowing the children to run with food in their mouth is dangerous and can easily lead to choking.

  • Cut food into small pieces

  • Ensure that the children are seated in one area

  • Ensure there is enough for every child as to avoid fighting

  • Do not allow them to pick food up off of the ground to eat it

  • Always supervise

  • Beware of food allergies other children in the group may have


Ensure the toys that the children are using are safe. Keep small pieces away from babies or toddlers.

  • Mylar balloons are safer than latex

  • Don't use broken toys

  • Be aware of toys with batteries

  • Use age appropriate toys

Playdates should be a fun event that everyone looks forward to. Using these tips as a guideline for safety concerns will keep everyone happy and healthy.

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