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kids clothing safety

It's not something that would automatically come to mind when you're buying clothes for your little ones, but safety should be paramount when choosing which duds they'll wear.

Here are some tips to follow, to ensure your child is wearing clothes designed for safety.

Buy clothing that is approved by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Should the garment fail, recalls are typically announced. You can find clothing recalls on


The biggest concern many parents have is the flammability rating of their child's clothing. This is especially important with sleepwear. Federal statutes require sleepwear for children under the age of 9 months to be flame retardant and suggest that the clothing fit snugly.

Clothing that fits snugly is preferred as it does not have pieces that are loose and could connect with something on fire.

It should be noted that garments are only considered flame-resistant when they are produced with materials that are naturally flame retardant. Check the tags on all clothing items you purchase.


Fire isn't the only concern to consider when selecting childrens' clothing. Drawstrings can choke infants and young children. Drawstrings at the neck of clothing are especially dangerous for strangulation. The longer the drawstring, the bigger the hazard. Drawstrings on any area of clothing is dangerous. Not only do they pose strangulation concerns, but can easily become hooked or caught in elevator doors, escalators, playground equipment or cribs.


Small pieces of anything can be a choking hazard. Accessories or pieces that can be detached from clothing can be risky. Embellishments on clothing vary, but a good rule of thumb is anything that can easily fit in their mouths should be put away.

When it comes to clothing, you can avoid drawstrings by selecting clothing with velcro closures.

Zippers can still pinch fingers and catch skin, so they should be inspected regularly, and children should be supervised when using them. Loose fitting garments are not a good choice, and any frays or loose threads can wrap around fingers or legs, causing a lack of circulation.

Vigilance is always key in parenting. You want the best for your children, and we can help make your home safer.


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