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New Parent Concerns

Every new parent has reservations. Advice can come from all sides, but sometimes you feel a little overwhelmed by this new and chaotic life.

We've taken a few tips to help you get started on your new journey as a parent. The number one thing to remember is that every parent is a first time parent at some point.


Even though you will eventually find what helps baby fall asleep the fastest, creating an environment conducive to sleep is an important part of the routine. Consistency is key. Create your nightly ritual to give baby the best opportunity for rest.

A warm, soothing bath prior to falling asleep will help lull baby into the sleeping mood.

In addition, many babies are lulled into sleep through their feedings.

If baby continually wakes up at night, look for possible causes. It might be clothing, allergies, room temperature or acid reflux. If you have concerns, bring the baby into your room at night to monitor them. Some babies find comfort in sleeping in the same room as their parents.


SIDS, commonly know as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, is a big fear among new parents. The condition is rare - affecting less than 1 out of every 1,000 babies a year.

Risk factors of SIDS include:

  • Exposure to vape or cigarette smoke (pregnancy counts as well)

  • Low birth weight (often a symptom of a mother's smoking during pregnancy)

  • Premature birth

Place your sleeping baby on their back without bedding around them. Do not place them on a surface they are able to sink into (very soft pillows, bean bags, etc.)

Make yourself aware of your child's breathing patterns when they are sleeping. Listen for changes or difficulties.

SID rates are lower in those babies who are breastfed.


Babies are working hard to develop their immune systems and with that comes normal illnesses the child will endure. These can include respiratory and gastrointestinal issues. To help baby cope, try these tips:

  • Keep baby's nose clear with a nasal aspirator

  • Breastfeed as long as possible. Studies show that breastfed children build better immune systems

  • Try a cool-mist vaporizer for baby's room during colder months when the heat is on and can dry out sensitive nasal passages. Be cautious of warm-mist vaporizers as without proper cleaning, they are more apt to breed bacteria and mold.

Support systems are important for new parents. If you don't have friends or family in the area, there are many forums online to gather information and talk with other new parents.

SafetyNook offers childproofing services to help with the transition into parenthood.


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