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Parenting Myths

Being a parent is not a natural thing to everyone. Typically, our first perception of raising kids is shaped by our parents' ideas of what parenting should be. Many myths surround parenting. There's no need to hold onto these harmful lies that aren't serving you or your child.

1. Love your kids, and you'll have an easy time parenting

Even though love for your kids comes naturally, parenting is not a piece of cake. There are many differences between children. Parenting involves figuring out how to work with and relate to each child individually, and this takes a lot of effort.

2. Spanking instills discipline

It can be detrimental to spank a kid. Some children become more violent later in life.

3. Prioritize your kids' needs at all times

Parenting and keeping a relationship requires a balance of responsibilities. Your kids don't always have to be first.

4. Introducing solid foods earlier helps babies sleep better

This might backfire if the baby is not ready for solids.

5. The first five years of your child's life are the best for learning

The age at which your kid should master a skill isn't the important factor. Let them learn at their own pace.

6. Children with easy personalities become difficult adolescents

While some kids are just easy-going, it does not mean they will be more difficult as they age.

7. You spoil your child by holding them too much

Cuddles are essential for babies. Snuggling with your little one is not a form of spoiling.

8. Formula-fed babies tend to be less intelligent than breastfed ones

Breastfeeding doesn't make a kid a genius. The important thing is to keep the baby well nourished, whether with breast milk or baby formula.

9. A bad act must be punished severely

Yelling at a kid will not stop a behavior from occurring. Talk to your child about how they feel and guide them accordingly.

10. Crying is only a sign of hunger, tiredness, sickness, or injury

It is common for babies to cry at random, sometimes for no apparent reason.

11. Always trust your instincts about your children

Sometimes you could be wrong about child care. A professional knows better in some cases.

12. Your child will naturally begin to sleep train when he or she is ready

Sleep training shouldn't be left to your child's whims. The sooner the better.

13. It is always traumatic for kids to watch their parents argue

Respectful and calm disagreements between parents are okay. The problem comes in when children witness violence and name-calling.

14. Rewarding good behavior is always important

Your child cannot internalize the importance of their efforts by being rewarded or praised for all the good things they do.

15. Divorce has negative consequences on kids' relationships

Some kids of divorced parents end up in healthy relationships later in life.


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