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Picking The Perfect Stroller

In the frenzy of preparing for a baby to join the family, sometimes new parents might not know what type of stroller will best suit their needs. We've included some guidelines to follow when considering your stroller purchase.


This is typically the #1 factor when considering a stroller purchase. Don't get sticker shock, the price of a stroller may come as a surprise. More budget minded parents can typically get a good stroller for under $300.


Strollers are a little bit different from the ones previous generations grew up in. Strollers can weight over 30 pounds! The lighter versions are around 10 pounds. This is something you will need to manuever, often, so consider how busy you are, and how often you pack up and travel with baby.


How easy is it to fold and pack the stroller up? Some strollers require wheels to be taken off to fold it down, but there are ones that are more simple.

Size of Your Family

Will it all fit? The dog, the kids, the baby, the stroller..... How big is your family? How quickly do you plan to grow your family? Will you have babies back to back, or wait a few years?

Those waiting more than a few years should go with a single stroller, while others planning on expanding the family within 3 or so years should invest in a double stroller. In the wide variety of strollers available on the market today, there are some designed to convert into a two seater when the time comes.

General or All-Purpose Stroller

This stroller is full sized and perfect for a variety of different situations. They come with various accessories that can include cup holders, storage baskets, and reclining seats.

Due to their all purpose nature, these strollers are heavier and can be more bulky. The prices vary widely on these from a few hundred dollars all the way to over a thousand dollars.

Stroller with Detachable Car Seat

These strollers have adapters that safely clip the appropriate car seat in place. It's best to look for models that come from the same manufacturer and are designed to fit together. Otherwise, ensure that the adapter is appropriate for both the stroller and the car seat you plan to use.

Travel Systems are available that include various carseats appropriate for newborns, toddlers and so on. These fit with a matching stroller and grow with you and the baby. Within this category there are different types to suit your lifestyle as well.


These strollers can be narrower than others, as well as lighter. This makes your trips easier to navigate, especially with one hand. Easily move the stroller in and out of cars or bring with you on the subway or bus.

Strollers That Run

Jogging strollers are popular for essentially killing two birds with one stone. Get your regular run in while getting baby out for some fresh air. These strollers are sturdier, easier to maneuver and are very stable at faster speeds.

Look for our next segment on Picking Out the Perfect Stroller for more tips!


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