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Playground Safety

Playgrounds and the equipment provided for play offer kids access to friends, fresh air and fitness opportunities. However, it is essential for parents to ensure that careless behavior, improper surfaces and faulty equipment do not ruin the fun or even worse, cause injuries or otherwise affect the health of the child.

You can help to make the playground enjoyable and heighten the safety of your children by checking that the equipment is truly childproof and there is no possible hazard. It is also important to follow safety guidelines. In addition, it is essential that you teach your children how to play safely to avoid injury.

Supervising your Children

Adult supervision can assist in preventing injuries by ensuring playground equipment are properly used. Kids should also be taught about the type of behaviors that are unsafe. Additionally, if your child gets an injury, you will be able to assist your child or children and immediately administer any necessary first aid.

It is very important for children to have adult supervision at all times while on the playground. Young children, and sometimes even older ones, cannot always properly estimate distances and are often incapable of anticipating or navigating dangerous situations on their own. A number of older children enjoy testing their limits on the playground. As such, it is essential for an adult to be present to keep them from getting too wild.


The right playground surfaces are among the most essential factors in decreasing injuries and their severity when children fall from playground equipment. The surface underneath the playground equipment must be adequately thick and soft to make the impact of his or her fall softer.

Ideally, the surfaces underneath the playground equipment should be filled loosely with materials such as mulch, wood chips, pea gravel, sand or shredded rubber.


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