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Positive Parenting

Parenting is a challenging job that can take decades to refine. Fortunately, new parents don't have to figure out everything by themselves, they can always get advice from family, friends, and doctors. A great way to help further a strong bond with your children is to use proven positive parenting techniques. This encourages healthier relationships with your children. Consider the following tips of positive parenting:

1. Ensure Consistent Availability

Developing a secure attachment starts with consistency. Children should be able to see that their parents are always available when they are needed. This makes them feel safe and valued, allowing them to go out into the world with confidence. Cultivate consistent routines for the family.

2. Provide Children's Needs

It's not just about giving material needs. Parents must also see to it that their kids obtain the skills that they need at various stages of life. These may include self-control, emotional management, problem solving, or social interactions. This requires sensitivity to see what children are going through and what might help them.

3. Identify Root of Behaviors

It is easy for adults to get stressed with ill-behaved children and lash out, but this should be avoided. Instead, parents should remember that the behavior is only a symptom of a deeper problem that the child cannot verbalize. By identifying the root cause, parents can come up with better solutions and prevention strategies.

4. Develop Routines Instead of Rewards

A lot of parents use rewards to encourage good behavior. This might seem like a nice idea but it can lead to entitlement down the road. Instead, consider developing routines that provide positive outcomes when kids do necessary tasks. For example, they might be allowed to play with friends after they finish chores and homework.

5. Use Discipline Instead of Punishment

Positive parenting also favors the use of discipline instead of harsh punishments. Focusing on discipline provides long-term behavioral change whereas punishment is only a band-aid solution.

Hopefully these tips help you further your parenting skills. SafetyNook is committed to your child's safety. We proudly serve families in the Bay area.


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