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Potting Training Tips

Potting training can be an exciting time for parents and toddlers. Emphasis on "can be." There will be times when you both are frustrated, stressed and not understanding each other, but the time will come when going to the bathroom won't be such a chore anymore. Hang in there and use some of the tips below to help make the process a little easier for the both of you.


Having everything handy and ready to go is a must when potty training. The potty should be in the place close to where you will be. Have extra clothes on hand in case of accidents.


It's important to have "code" words, if you will, for urinating and defecating that you will always use with your child. This will help keep the process going smoothly.

Quick Turnaround

The 3 day method of potty training is a popular choice for some parents. Keep in mind that not all children learn at the same speed - some may pick up on it right away, others may take a while.

The 3 day method consists of taking your child to the potty every 15 minutes for 3 days in a row.

Do not allow any snacks or liquids after dinner and wake up your child halfway through the night to take them to the potty.

No diapers are worn during this method, with the reasoning that if your child relies on their diaper, the method won't work.

No punishments are allowed when there are accidents - and there will be accidents. You simply give them encouragement to try again.

Give your child extra liquids during the day to promote urination. This way they can get the feel of having to go and understand what is happening.


Encouragement will go quite a long way with potty training. Patience is a virtue. As said before, it will take some time for your child to get the hang of it, and accidents will happen. Be positive throughout the training process. Don't discourage them at any time, this will only make the training more difficult.

Use tons of praise and celebrate when they go successfully. You can make up a potty song, give high fives or even snacks when appropriate. You know how to best encourage your child.

Look for more potty training tips in upcoming blogs!


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