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Preparing Your Child For A New Sibliing

As with any change that occurs within a family, it is difficult to predict the reaction of a child. Parents want their children to be friends and the hope is that the new little one will be welcomed with open arms. The reality is that bonds between siblings can be immediate, but sometimes it takes a while for the older kid to adjust. You can speed things up by preparing your son or daughter in various ways. Following are a few suggestions that have been suggested by pediatricians and parents who have gone through the process.

5 Positive Ways To Help Your Child Adjust To A New Baby

1. Explain your growing belly to your child.

It is never too early to tell a child that mamas carry little ones until they are big enough to be born. Let your child know that they developed the same way. Let the baby's future sibling touch your swollen belly and encourage interaction, such as singing lullabies and talking to the baby. When your little one starts moving and kicking, ask the older child if they would like to feel their sibling move around. Let them feel their brother or sister move.

2. Talk about the new kid in a manner that includes the sibling.

For example, tell them how much love the baby will need and how they can help care for their brother or sister. Explain that safety is important and how siblings should be gentle and kind.

3. Read books that encourage a positive view of brother or sisterhood.

You can search for the stories online, in stores, and recommendations from friends and family that have two or more children.

4. Give your older child a special present when their sibling is born.

You can refer to this day as "New brother (or sister) day".

5. If possible, allow your child to touch and talk to the newest little one right away.

When your baby has been named, have your child refer to their sibling by their name.

Preparing your child for a new baby contributes to the emotional health of the sibling. Remain positive. Make sure the older sibling is included with the pregnancy and introduction of the baby into the family home. A good head start on being a sibling can make a big difference in how your child feels, accepts, and responds.


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