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Preventing Holiday Stress in children

Schools are meant to cultivate excellence and teach children how to be disciplined. However, in between all the schoolwork that children do, there is a lot of play. School is where lifelong friends are made and new things learned. When schools close for the holidays, therefore, school-going children can develop a lot of stress. It is ironic that while adults usually relax and live a stress-free life during the holidays, children can be stressed during the holidays for one reason or another. Knowing the causes of holiday stress and anxiety can help parents to help them.

Causes of Holiday Stress

1. Changes of Routine

When schools are in session, children usually follow a well-established routine. They wake up early, take a shower, have breakfast and go to school. At the end of the day, they come back home, do their homework, play around and have dinner before going to bed. During the holidays, however, children usually go to bed late and wake up late. This means that their routine is disrupted and can create stress and anxiety.

Tip #1 - To reduce stress and anxiety caused by disruption of routine, make sure children stick to their normal routine even during the holidays. This includes getting to sleep early and waking up early in the morning

2. Busy Schedules

Most travel plans and family reunions are usually reserved for the holidays. While the holidays are meant to be fun and relaxing periods, the busy travel schedules and meeting many relatives, as well as family friends can be stressful for children.

Tip #2 - Do not overschedule events. Ideally, you should give the kids enough time to relax in between air travels and road trips. It may also help to keep reminding the kids the importance of gratitude and kindness as well.

Tip #3 - Manage Sugar Intake

The holidays usually involve a fair amount of eating. However, consuming excessive amounts of sugar can create a lot of stress for both children and parents, as there will be hyperactivity and little time for resting. It may also help to create time for some peace and quiet.

Hopefully these tips will help ease the stress your family feels during the holidays. Follow SafetyNook for tips on child safety and well being.


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