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Raising Emotionally Intelligent Kids

The main objective of any parent is to keep their child safe. This means providing food, shelter, clothing, and a decent living standard. Parents also want to raise upright and emotionally intelligent kids who know the difference between right or wrong. Kids who empathize and sympathize with others, and can walk away from a fight when bullied can be a wonderful addition to society.

A scientific study carried out by Dr. John Gottman concluded that the ability to manage feelings and high emotional awareness is directly related to your level of success in life. Since every parent wants each of their children to be successful in life, learning how to raise a child with high emotional intelligence is crucial. Below are things every parent should do as well as those not to do.

The Do's and Don'ts

Take Manifestations of Negative Emotions as Learning Opportunities

Whenever you notice a negative emotion in your child, take this as an opportunity to connect with them, resolve those negative emotions, and grow. You need to be compassionate and kind because children have a hard time understanding emotions.

Never dismiss, punish or scold a child for being emotional.

Find Alternatives and Set Limits

Manifestations of negative emotions, such as shouting, hitting something and screaming have alternatives. Try to enlist the help of your child to find an alternative. You can tell your child "I know you're upset, but screaming out loud is not okay."

Don't underestimate your child's ability to learn. However, they need a hand to hold on to, a listening ear, and a parent or guardian who can challenge them to respond accordingly.

Teach Your Child to Label Emotions

The key to raising an emotionally intelligent kid lies in proper labeling of emotions. Children need to put what they are feeling into words. They need to know when they feel hurt, upset, ignored, loved and so on.

Never convey frustration or judgment as this may force your child to shut in their emotions, and this is counterproductive.


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