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Should You Hire a Childproofing Expert?

Have you considered using a childproofing expert to prepare your home for the arrival of a new baby or maybe help keep that busy toddler safe? We've provided some information outlining what a childproofing expert can do for you.

Only Hire Professionals

Child safety is a top priority and you want someone who can survey your home, identify dangerous zones and create solutions to fix them. Their expertise goes beyond simply putting locks on cabinets.

If you're a new parent, experts can easily guide you through childproofing and explain what to expect from an active baby. Often times experts can acquire safety devices that you wouldn't typically find at a local store. They keep up on the latest child safety news and match their solutions to your specific needs.

Dangerous Areas to Note

Childproofing experts should address any areas where baby may wander, and inform you of hidden dangers around your home. Some areas they should touch on include:

Stairs and railings pose a serious threat to children. There are a variety of ways they can injure themselves and a fall poses the risk of death. Curiousity could lead to their head getting stuck in between the railings, or squeezing through them, falling to the floor below. Typical building codes should address this, but better to be safe than sorry. Plexiglass can be added to the railings to prevent this. Gates can be used at the top and the bottom of the stairs as well.

Any area where cleaners are kept is a hazard that should be addressed. Experts should suggest that the cleaners and other harmful chemicals should be locked up high and not left where curious hands can find them. Cleaning the cabinets where cleansers have been kept is not enough. Chemicals may remain on the bottom of the cabinet for a very long time. Water can easily activate the chemicals again, posing a threat. Even cabinets that are empty should have child-proof locks as well.

While outlet plugs are readily available, they are able to be pryed out and could pose a choking hazard. A childproofer may recommend replacing the covers with ones that cover the plug holes when not in use.

We may never figure out why babies love to splash in the toilet so much, but we want to make sure to keep little hands out of one of the most germy places in the house! Not only are germs feared, but a curious adventurer can easily fall into the bowl and drown. Toilet locks are a must, and experts should recommend them.

SafetyNook offers childproofing solutions that blend in with your decor. Stylish, high-quality products are available to keep your children safe. Aesthetically pleasing solutions are available, from corner protectors to fireplace gates.

Speak with Alex today to set up a consultation.


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