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Signs Your Child Should Stay Home From School or Daycare

Children usually have poor immunity. They can catch diseases easily and experience the most severe symptoms. That is why parents should always be on the lookout for signs and symptoms of illnesses to ensure they take the necessary action.

If your child has already started school, or you normally take them to a local daycare center as you go to work, you need to watch out for symptoms of an illness all the time.

Why Your Kid Should Stay at Home When Sick

1. To Avoid Spreading a Contagious Disease

The number one reason to keep your kid at home when they show symptoms of an illness is to prevent your child from spreading a contagious illness to other children. This is the duty of every parent. It is irresponsible to send your child to daycare if they show symptoms of a contagious illness.

2. To Ensure Your Child Gets Proper Medical Attention

Instead of taking a sick child to daycare or to school, you should make a visit to your pediatrician for a check up and proper treatment. If caught early, most illnesses can easily be treated without causing serious symptoms. Avoiding school or daycare will also give your child ample time to rest and recover from the effects of the illnesses.

Signs to Watch Out For

i) Diarrhea

This is a serious symptom of a stomach infection. If your child passes loose or watery stool, you should seek medical attention immediately instead of taking them to school. This is because diarrhea can cause dehydration within a short period of time.

ii) Fever

When your child has an illness, the surest symptom you will notice is a fever. If your child's body seems to be burning up, you should take their temperature and consult your pediatrician if the temperature is above normal.

iii) Persistent Coughing

If your child has been coughing, they might have developed an illness, such as a cold, flu or something more serious. In such a case, you should have your child stay at home instead of taking them to school. Other signs and symptoms to watch out for include; vomiting and bad pain

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