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Street Safety For Kids

Introducing your child to basic road safety early sets a base for lifelong skills at navigating potentially dangerous areas.

  • Once they become aware of their surroundings, start to teach them about vehicles and what they do

  • When outside, introduce them to sidewalks and the importance of staying on them, and not venturing into the road

  • Invite them to learn about different types of cars - buses, garbage trucks and emergency vehicles. Give them names for your child to remember

  • To gain more interest in being aware of the road and it's vehicles, try simple games, such as looking for certain colors or types of vehicles while you're driving in the car

  • It's best not to make roads frightening to children, but to rather respect that the vehicles can cause harm if they were to get in their path

  • When they are ready, it is important to provide them with the proper terms of the road and the safety guidelines that come along with it

Use the "ABC" method to help them remember:

  • A stands for awareness (of traffic and the danger it can present)

  • B stands for behavior (how to stay safe when near the road and traffic)

  • C stands for choice (how to make the safest choice and encourage friends and family to do the same)

Other items to remember include:

  • Encourage hand holding with parents, sitters, family and friends

  • Practice looking and listening for traffic

  • Avoid letting your child use the street as a playground

  • Discourage young children from going into the street to chase an errant ball or other toy - have them ask an adult for help


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