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Tips for New Parents

No matter how much you prepare, becoming a new parent ushers in an exhausting and blissfully happy era. Understand that everyone that already has children was once a new parent themselves, so comparisons aren't necessary. Here are some tips to help you with the transition.

Enjoy the Moment

Laundry and dishes pile up, but take some time to enjoy your family. The dishes can wait.

Early to Bed

Do yourself and your baby a favor, stick to an early bedtime. This gives the baby the rest they need and the parents time to recharge their batteries.

Let Your Partner Share in the Duties

Encourage them to take over some of the day to day activities with your new baby. They can be in charge of bath time or dinner time. Don't try to take it all on yourself. Everyone needs help from time to time.

Make Bedtime a Favorite

Everyone getting enough sleep is the main concern when new parents bring baby home. Make the routine to go to sleep one series of calming sessions. Start by feeding her, cuddling her, and bathing her. After a warm bath comes a nigh night story and let baby nod off, or if necessary, rock them to sleep.

Food and Your Child

Expect that your child will go through phases when it comes to eating. This week they hate bananas, but next week it may be the only food they will eat. Pushing will only make it worse. They'll eat when they get hungry.

Take it Easy on the Big Things

When transitioning to something new, take your time. Children don't always respond well to change, especially when they are the ones who need to do the changing. When your little one goes from crib to a bed, take it slow. Let them get used to the bed first by letting them lay in it while you read them a story.

Be Firm

When you make a decision, stick with it. Tell them no when they are gravitating toward that yummy candy bar at the grocery store. Being firm on this will save you the headache of constant demands in the future.


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