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Making Your Home Safe For Kids

The big things have all been handled. Now you must tackle the little ones. The following are some of the best baby-proofing and childproofing tips available:

  • Put safety gates in all doors that you don't want baby to enter. For example, you might want to block off the formal dining area.

  • Ensure that you don't have toxic houseplants.

  • Empty ashtrays. Remove all lighters, tobacco products and matches. Ensure that baby cannot get them.

  • Vacuum frequently so that there aren't paper clips, loose change or anything else that can become a choking hazard.

  • Deter burns and use childproofing measures such as covering vents and radiators.

  • Inspect doorstops for removable caps that could cause choking.

  • Ensure that baby cannot get a hold of batteries. They leak acid and can cause burns.

  • Clear vanity surfaces and store bathroom toiletries because they contain poisonous chemicals.

Per research done by the Home Safety Council, children that are under the age of one have more home injuries or deaths than other children 15 or younger. Suffocation and choking account for most of these injuries or deaths.

For more info on how to keep you home safe and secure for children, please go to for more childproofing and babyproofing tips.

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