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How to Get Your Child to Love Fitness

Being physically active helps children maintain a healthy weight, to grow strong bones, to have fun and to discover what the big wide world has to offer.

Every child should partake in physical activity for at least an hour a day, so it is important to incorporate physical activities into the family's daily routine. Encourage your kids to take part in enjoyable activities. Most youngsters love to play in the play area or run around the park.

Physical activity is an important part of childhood because it enables a child to explore their personal capabilities, to realize what the world has to offer and to help maintain a healthy weight. However, there are other reasons why kids should remain active. Being physically active improves self-confidence, builds strong muscles and promotes healthy bones.

Ten Tips to Keep Kids Active

1. Encourage your children to cycle or walk to school regularly. Cycling has many health benefits, so take time to read about the advantages of cycling.

2. Kids love to ride scooters. Children also enjoy skateboarding, rollerblading and roller skating. All four are active pursuits that can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors. In winter months encourage the youngsters to go ice skating.

3. Make the most of the school holidays. Build a tree house or a den for the kids. Let the youngsters climb trees whilst you supervise.

4. Walk the dog. Borrow a friend's pet or a neighbor's dog if you don't have one of your own. Nice dogs that you trust, of course...

5. Kids are naturally competitive, so think of an active family challenge. Work towards a charity walk or a fun run. Read the local news to find charity walks held in your area.

6. Keep your kids active on the weekend. Try indoor rock climbing, go trampolining, or play Frisbee or football in the local park.

7. Encourage your young ones to join activity clubs. Take them to the local sports center, let them enroll in a club. Kids who join a weekend sports club enjoy being part of a team and begin to relish regular exercise.

8. Kids love family beach holidays and activity based holidays. Children become active as soon as they step on the sand. They run around, play games and go swimming.

9. Visit the National Parks website. Encourage your family to take guided walks. Look for fresh and exciting ways to keep kids active. Kite flying is exciting and flying kites is a great way to exercise. You may even be able to attend a kite-making workshop.

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