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Fit Kids Are Happy Kids

Enjoy a Family Meal

Make mealtime a family occasion. Encourage your child to eat correct sized portions of healthy foods. Lead by example and create a healthy family menu. Serve tasty nutritional meals your kids will relish. Learn How to Instill Healthy Habits to keep your children fit and active.

Encourage Outside Play and become Involved

Persuade the children to play outside. Backyard games like football and racket sports teach kids hand-eye coordination and further their social skills. Youngsters who sit in front of a television will never learn the joy of sport. Turn a hike into a fun family activity to enable the children to appreciate the importance of exercise.

Pull the Plug on Technology

The world is full of interesting technological gadgets. Mobile phones, computers, iPads and video games play a big part in everyday life, however, these gadgets do not promote self-awareness. A child should communicate with adults and other children to establish the necessary social skills that are not learned online.

Safety Nook safe kids are happy kids

Support your Children

Positivity and encouragement helps children to develop healthy habits. A small reward reinforces good behavior, boosts self-esteem and promotes leadership skills. Support your children if they choose a healthy snack, applaud them, don't let their actions go unnoticed.

Encourage Participation

As a parent, you are responsible for teaching your kids to develop healthy habits. Those who want to learn How to instill healthy habits in their kids should lead by example. Encourage your youngsters to shop for healthy meals, to make holiday cards and to send thank you notes to family and friends.

Extracurricular Activities Encourage Children to Socialize

After school activities allow children to make new friends. Kids who take part in extracurricular activities explore their personal skills and boost their self-esteem. Youngsters learn from other children, so encourage your child to join an after school club.

Teach Your Child to Act Responsibly

Children need to learn how to be responsible, so give your child responsibilities. Encourage them to take ownership of a chore, ensure they complete the task and are willing to take the consequences. Allow the child to plan breakfast, a snack or lunch. Give them the chance to take ownership of the task.

Say No to Food Rewards

Childhood obesity is on the increase, therefore it is vital to learn How to instill healthy habits into your children. Using food as a reward is detrimental to health. Encourage your child to lead an active lifestyle and to have a healthy relationship with food.

Create a Good Example

Parents who lead a healthy lifestyle usually find the children follow in their footsteps. Kids quickly pick up on behaviors and habits, so remember, as the parent, you are the child's role model. Ensure you remain active and healthy. Socialize and explore new activities.

Create a Positive Environment

A positive environment has an impact on a child's outlook in life. Help your child to become a positive individual by being a good role model. Encourage them to take part in outdoor activities and to eat healthy food. This will help them to lead a healthy lifestyle and to develop healthy habits.

Safety Nook safe kids are happy kids

Promote Physical Education

People who want to know How to instill healthy habits in children should make sure they remain physically active. A consistent and well-planned physical education program increases fitness and boosts self-esteem.

Safety Nook safe kids are happy kids

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